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DM Wallは、展示情報(DM)をアーカイブし、



もっと自分の表現を多くの人に見てもらいたい表現者を手助けしたい、また、もっと自分の知らないたくさんの表現者たちの作品や、パフォーマンスをみんなと共有したいという思いから、DM Wallを立ち上げる運びとなりました。


About DM Wall

DM Wall display information (archive DM), and is web site to display with a list.

Many artists, a designer, the depicter such as the creator hold an exhibition in one of the world every day and appeal to the world for one's personality.
And much holding information, the summary are scattered in fryer of the paper medium, DM. However,
information is spread out only to a relative and a friend,
the acquaintance only by those vehicles,
and there is the side to be hard to be handed down to a third party very much.
Therefore I progressed to stand,
and to give DM Wall from thought to want to watch a work and the performance of depicters that there was many it whom oneself did not know more again who wanted to help the depicter who wanted many people to watch one's expression.

If many depicters help a chance to appeal to you for one's work, expression through this site, I am happy.


DM Wallに展覧会情報を掲載される方
Where exhibition information is placed in in DM Wall

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Question about DM Wall, one with the demand

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